Why are classic JDM cars so expensive?

For the majority of cars, as they get older – they depreciate in value. However, there are many 20+ year old cars that are just as, if not more, expensive that then were when they rolled off the forecourt.

As an example, take a look at the image below which is of a car classifieds advert in a magazine from 2003. Notice the Subaru WRX STI with 4k miles listed for £20,995? In today’s money, that’s around £37k. So how much would it cost to buy a model with similar mileage today?

The closest model I could find (shown below) is up for sale for £30k!

There are of course many more examples, but this is just one. So why are JDM cars holding their value?

Film franchises such as The Fast & Furious sparked an incredible amount of intereest in JDM cars across the globe (at least in the first few movies before baby oil boy turned up). Did you know that when the Supra was originally released in the US for around $40,000 it was a huge failure? You could get a Porsche for that money. However, as F&F gained traction, so did the Supra.

They’re also holding their value as they’re getting increasingly rare to find. S14’s and S15’s for example are incredibly prone to rust, and some people prefer to get more money out of the car by breaking them rather than fixing.

So, now could be a good time to buy and there are plenty of JDM cars for sale on Madlows


Lewis is the founder of Madlows

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