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Selling your modified car on MadLows is 100% free! All of the listings are manually approved, normally within 20 minutes. So be sure to add as much details as possible.

By listing your modified car here, you’ll be able to get your car in front of a large UK audience that are looking to buy a car just like yours!

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Tips on selling my modified car

When listing your modified car for sale, you need to do things differently to how you would a normal car. We’ve listed our top 3 steps to selling modded cars below:

List your modifications

Arguably the most important part! People that visit MadLows are looking for modified cars, so it’s vital that you list out all the modifications your car has. The more detailed you are, the higher chance you’ll sell your car.

Take a variety of photos

You can only upload 5 photos to MadLows at the moment, so we suggest including photos of the front, back, side, interior and engine bay.

Be realistic with pricing

Just because you spent £15,000 in modifications, doesn’t mean you can list your car for £15,000 more than it’s worth. Take a look at similar cars for sale and price your car accordingly.