Where Can I Sell My Modified Car in England?

If you’re a proud owner of a modified car but are looking to sell it, then you’re probably wondering where the best place to sell it is.

The usual destinations for selling cars such as Autotrader, eBay and Facebook Marketplace aren’t necessarily the best options for selling modified cars. Fear not, in this guide we will run through the best and worst places to sell a modified car in the UK.

Autotrader – is it worth the price?

It’s not cheap to list on Autotrader, but it is the best place in the UK to sell a standard car. However, when it comes to modified cars, it’s very difficult to get value out of the listing fee. The platform heavily leans towards standard cars from dealerships, with a focus on pushing the finance deals. With a modified car, it would be hard to stand out when potential car buyers aren’t able to search for modified cars only.

Facebook Marketplace

If you’re looking to have endless messages asking if your car “is still available”, or multiple no shows when you’ve waited home all day – then Facebook marketplace is for you. Similar to Autotrader, it’s hard to search Facebook specifically for modified cars – but it’s important to remember it’s not just a marketplace for cars.
The plus of Facebook is that it’s free, so all you’d be wasting is your time.

Car forums

The majority of cars have a community-managed forum or owners club. They’re a great resource for meeting like-minded individuals with cars similar to yours. But there lies the problem, most of the users already have the car you’re trying to sell.
That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t list your car on these forums though, your car may have different modifications – and most forums are free to list.

Specialist modified car sites

I mean, we’re going to be a little bit biased here. Will try not to be though.
Modified car marketplaces such as Madlows, are a great place to sell your modified car in the UK. An online platform that only allows modified cars, instantly deals with the issue of the options above where you’re not able to filter specifically for modified cars.

Madlows also manually approves every advert before it goes live, so your car won’t be thrown next to standard fiesta with an ecobeaST sticker. Your car will be amongst some of the best modified cars in the UK – where it belongs.

It’s also free to list your car on Madlows.

So what are you waiting for? Sell your modified car on Madlows today.


Lewis is the founder of Madlows

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