What Makes Someone Modify a Car?

Modifying in this case is the act of altering a car to make it different from the standard version that the manufacturer builds, but you already knew that 😉. The most known modifications are normally; a re-map, new alloys, exhaust and suspension. A car can technically be modified if anything has been changed, yes even just a K&N filter.


In some cases modifying a car is purely for increased performance. Speed is a form of freedom for some, so improving the car to reach this seems like a fair trade. 

Replacing wheels with lighter ones will benefit handling. A re-map benefits the power side of things. Some absolute nutcases even swap engines for higher performance. Pretty much anything on a car can be modified and/or replaced. 

It may seem strange that an aftermarket part can be so much better than the original manufacturers part. Well, it is important to remember that although manufacturers spend big money on engineering, in most cases the finance department have the final say. Which is kind of forgivable as auto manufacturers do have to make money. 

Sleeper builds are a fun group within this performance focused cult, people heavily modify their car with all sorts of fancy gear, but will not touch the bodywork. Best practiced on cars that don’t necessarily come across as fast. If someone pulls up in a Ferrari, people know it can go rather well. However, if it is next to a sleeper build at the traffic lights they may be betting on the wrong horse. I am sure the type of people to do this get great pleasure out of shocking the onlookers.


Some people are just in it for looks, this is also the case for cars. Smooth bumpers, a fresh wrap and an aggressive stance are all desirable. Some people will even sacrifice performance for how a car looks. Making a car literally scrape the floor just to get that “madlow” look 😉.


Everyone has the same financed Golf, Merc or Bimmer, so you can understand why people modify cars to stand out these days. Even if it’s a cherry bomb exhaust on your Corsa.

Resale Value

It can be expensive to modify a car, the only problem is the resale value never lines up with the car price and the cost of all the modifications. To be fair, what do you expect? 

There is something beautiful about modifying a car. A lot of people live their life buying stuff and keeping it pristine and unmodified, just so it retains its value. It could be argued that this is a positive way of doing things. However, you are ultimately keeping this car pristine so the next owner can have fun in it. Modify your car, live your life.


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