Corvette C7 | 1,000BHP


*sigh* the time has come to sell my beloved Corvette C7. I love this car to bits, but unfortunately it just doesn’t get used as I’m always out of the country on business. it’s criminal I know, but last year I only put 100 miles on her and I feel really guilty.

I purchased her in 2016 with only 3,000 miles on the clock and quickly decided that her mean looks required more horsepower than the mere 460bhp from the factory.
No expense was to be spared with the build, and in total I sunk around £60k in engine parts and modifications alone. I sent her to Top Cats Racing who are experts in building Chevy V8’s for the race track and had them pull the engine and strip it down to the bare block. From there we replaced EVERY part possible with something bigger, better, stronger than factory. Forged pistons, rods, crank, arp studs and bolts, uprated seals, better headgaskets…etc…you know the deal.

The majority of the 1000+whp comes from a Procharger D1-X running a tiny Griptec pulley and pushing out around 25psi. It’s also fitted with a Vengeance Racing stage 3 camshaft, ceramic coated Kooks decat headers and lots of other mods to help get the boost in and out of the engine efficiently.

The car was tuned by one of the best Gen-V tuners in the USA – Goat Rope Garage (at great expense) and as a result any future modifications or tweaks you might want to make are also covered by this tuner. The car has more than enough fuelling to support the power, however the octane in UK fuel is pretty pants, so it is supplemented with a methanol system (I will throw in my remaining containers of meth).

In terms of servicing, the car has been treated to yearly oil changes with Amsoil, rear diff and gearbox oil was also recently changed with Redline. The Procharger gets a yearly oil change too and I have a few spare containers of oil for future changes. All of this is documented and I have a fat folder of receipts showing all work done.

May consider a swap, but ultimately I want cash so whatever you have would need to be nice and easy to sell


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